Grow Wild Raspberry Pi Time-lapse

This year our school Eco Club began a project to plant a wild flower area in the school grounds. This was part of the Grow Wild scheme run in association with Kew Gardens. I am not much of a gardener so my attention was turned to the techy side. The team wanted a time-lapse video […]


Digital Signage on a budget with Screenly, Google Docs and Raspberry Pi

Cheap digital signage perfect for use in a small business or school using Open source tools and Raspberry Pi


A computer for £4!

This really is an amazing time to be a geek. The awesome Raspberry Pi Foundation continue to amaze. They have just released a new model of Raspberry Pi – the Pi Zero. It is only £4 / $5 to buy! If that isn’t enough to completely blow your mind, they are giving them away free on […]