Recommended – Evernote Scannable

Just a quick app recommendation today. Scanning documents to get them into digital form can be a pain. Not everyone has a scanner at home and they can take time to use. Scannable by Evernote is a free app for iOS devices that uses your camera to scan documents. In the past this has resulted inContinue reading “Recommended – Evernote Scannable”

My method for Windows system imaging

In our school we use FOG as our imaging system as I have mentioned before. I like to keep a default image with an up to date installation of Windows 7 Pro, Office 2010 and other essential tools and utilities on it. Most of our smaller bits of software we push out to the machinesContinue reading “My method for Windows system imaging”

iOS 9 – Features of note for education

So Apple’s iOS 9 operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods is currently in open Public Beta and will be released to the general public en masse probably around mid September. iOS 7 was a major visual change, iOS 8 had lots of work done behind the scenes and added new functionality with extensions andContinue reading “iOS 9 – Features of note for education”

Open source PC imaging with FOG

If you manage a large number of Windows PCs you will want a way to set them up as quickly and painlessly as possible. There are many system imaging solutions out there (such as Symantec Ghost, Altiris etc) but these tend to be expensive. Working in education you learn quickly to find cheap or freeContinue reading “Open source PC imaging with FOG”